Sep. 6th, 2010 03:07 pm
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I wish I had one of those word counter progress meter widget thingies that eveyone is posting with these days, to use for my art projects progress. I finally found one somewhere but it looked way too difficult and I got tired of reading about how to make the coding work!

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but as long as it takes me to complete an art project, I'm guessing it's more equivalent to 10K words.

As of today, this is what's on my drawing board: (This is mostly just for my own purposes of keeping track)
* HD Art Fest submission - due 9/19/10. 85% complete. I will not be doing another fest entry after this I swear!! Or maybe I will. Who knows? This one has eaten my brain and caused me way too much stress. I keep saying I won't do any more, but every now and then I can't stop myself. In this case, it was because I was able to get the worlds best prompt ever!! Seriously! There was no way in Hell I was gonna pass this up! Right now, Draco has no face, and this is beginning to give me nightmares and a real fear of not finishing on time.

*Secret commission project - 75% complete. This is a project I'm very VERY excited about for a NUMBER OF REASONS. But enough said on that subject.

*Commission for Darry/Delphi - 60% complete. This is something I've never drawn before, so quite exciting for that reason, plus it's looking very promising so far. Thank God there's no real time limit on this one, or I'd be in big trouble! Darry and Delphi are so lovely for being willing to wait on this. They have the patience of saints, I'm telling you!!

*Original art project - acrylic painting 5% complete This one is something that's been sitting in my brain for a month or so, and if I don't at least attempt it, it will never leave me alone! So, even if I've got no time to work on it, I must at least have it started and sitting on my easel.

*Secret gift art - 50% complete. *sigh* Hopefully I'll actually be able to complete this one. It shows every sign of being really really good. So, I'd like to be able to finish it. *crosses fingers*

*1 secret digital painting - 60% complete. This is actually a rework of an existing one that I suddenly decided wasn't good enough and I wanted to do a better one. Why do I do this to myself?

*3 Other assorted original art projects started and not finished in Photoshop: various stages of completion. OK, these are kinda weird. There's a reason I started them. Because I have a couple fandom related pieces I'm working on in Photoshop.(Mainly the HD Art Fest piece) If I want to work on them when family is around, I have to have ANOTHER digital painting file open to switch over to when they invariably want to look over my shoulder and watch me work! Which they do! My kids enjoy my art and are very nosy about it! So, I have to have EXTRA art projects going! You know, like the graphs and charts you switch over to real quick when you think the boss is walking by? LOL!

*1 digital painting for Maggie's One prompt challenge thingie- 15% complete. Will I ever get a chance to work on this? I doubt it.

I wish I had little art fairies who'd come in while I'm asleep and finish up a couple of these projects for me. Since that's not going to happen, I guess I'll just have to keep plugging away until I can start finishing some of them up! In the meantime, I will absolutey, positively, NOT START ANYTHING NEW OR COMMIT TO ANY MORE PROJECTS, NO MATTER HOW MUCH I WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that goes for Stella's Art Corner, too, for those of you who follow that. Until I get these projects caught up, the Art Corner will remain on hiatus.

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