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Location:Ohio, United States of America
I opened this account as an alternative to LJ, and for the moment, it is still a secondary account. Like the LJ account, this one is mostly for posting my art; some of which is original art which is generally f-locked (along with any personal posts), and the remainder is Harry Potter fanart(so far!). Honestly, though, these days I don't post art as frequently as I post other things like personal rants, the occasional meme or birthday greeting, general gossip or just a shout out to my friends to get someone to talk to me! LOL!

My art belongs only to me, so please don't copy or take it in any form. If you do, I will likely hunt you down and eat you.

Friending Policy: You are welcome to friend me, or grant access - whatever it's called here- if you'd like to follow my work in the Harry Potter fandom. But I'm a really, really private person, so please don't be offended if I don't friend you back, or grant you access, or whatever. I work at a rather sensitive place, and I also have a family who are not aware of my fandom participation. I like to keep it that way since a good deal of what I enjoy and/or produce is rated R or NC17.
I f-lock ALL of my personal stuff (not that there's that much of it), and I want as small an audience for that as possible. But not to worry, you're probably here for the fanart anyway, and I NEVER lock those posts! So, welcome!!

Art for sale: Please check my sticky post over at LJ for current art for sale and commission information. I'm not yet sure if can host art, here. I don't think DW has a scrapbook feature just yet. But I can probably put up what I use as a "Masterlist" of my fanart, which is a slideshow I created. I'll see about getting that up soon.

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